An Intelligent Pan-India Network

Dynamic caching ensures high availability

Intelligent DNS identifies network proximity

Distributed delivery guarantees rapid downloads



The Speedc Content Delivery Network (CDN) technology is a collection of servers spread geographically at strategic locations across India. The servers deliver user desired data and are placed at various points in the ISPsí network to improve throughput and availability. Through geographic and network proximity we ensure maximum bandwidth for data access to all internet consumers. This architecture eliminates server bottlenecks caused when large number of consumers request content from a centralized server.

Speedc Architecture

In summary, the Speedc CDN delivers high bandwidth content through a network of servers located closer to the end-user.

Our CDN solution - called the Content Delivery and Management System (CDMS), provides the following advantages:

  • Speed

    Caching content locally, within the same city empowers content delivery at high speeds and low latency.
  • Availability

    Storing the same content at multiple locations increases availability and eliminates single point of failure in our network.
  • Scalability

    Caching only user desired content locally enables us to instantly scale to provide for unexpected peak traffic.
  • Security

    Constant network monitoring and a multi-layered security system ensure complete protection of content.
  • Cost

    Delivering through local edge servers and not centralized datacenters helps us lower cost per GB delivered.

Content types accelerated by the CDMS platform include web objects, downloadable objects such as media files, software, digital documents, stored and live media streams, e-commerce transactions and other components of internet delivery.

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