Delivering a Delightful Experience

Increase network throughput per consumer

Dramatically reduce latency and packet loss

Monitor consumer experience



Speedcís Content Delivery and Management System (CDMS) solution enables customers to dramatically improve web user experience, thereby improving their revenue prospects.

Features of the CDMS solution:

Content Acceleration

  • Web Acceleration
  • The Web Acceleration platform significantly accelerates web site and web application performance by delivering high bandwidth content locally across India. By delivering images, maps, documents, static music and video files through this service, content owners can significantly improve their user experience while reducing datacenter hosting costs.

  • Enterprise File Delivery
  • The Enterprise File Delivery platform delivers large static files (up to 250GB in size) to a geographically distributed audience. This service can be used by enterprises for delivering encrypted secure content, software applications or updates, digital multimedia and video on demand services.

Stream Acceleration

  • Static Streaming
  • The Static Streaming platform accelerates streaming of stored Adobe Flash and Microsoft Silverlight standard streams. High availability and instant scalability of bandwidth means that users will never be kept waiting, even at peak load times. This distributed content delivery platform guarantees a rich multimedia experience for their consumers.

  • Live Streaming
  • The Live Streaming platform accelerates audio/video streaming of live events and internet TV channels. The platform provides an intelligent distributed delivery framework that ensures good load balancing and therefore a smooth consumer experience. By eliminating the single point of failure this platform enhances reliability of the live streaming service.

  • P2P Streaming
  • The Peer-to-Peer Streaming platform guarantees availability of popular streams to a large audience while eliminating the high cost of traditional unicast streaming. This solution can scale from a few hundred users to a few million users without adding significant cost to the customer and is thus particularly advantageous when streaming popular events live.

Smart DNS

  • Network Proximity Routing
  • The Network Proximity Routing platform provides intelligent routing of content from customer's content servers. The platform consists of a large number of DNS servers that provide load balancing service based on customer specific rules. By identifying network proximity of each consumer, content is delivered through the route providing maximum throughput.

Network Performance Analytics

  • Real-Time Performance Analysis & Alerts
  • The Real-Time Performance Analysis & Alerts module provides an in-depth view of real-time content delivery metrics to customers. Customers can further set alerts that are triggered when specific exceptions occur. This module helps customers monitor their bandwidth utilization and take necessary steps to ensure good consumer experience.

  • Demographic Analysis
  • The Demographic Analysis module provides insights into consumer demographics. Various charts and tables provide customers with an understanding of user preferences per geography. Customers can use this information for a variety of reasons, including Marketing and Search Engine Optimization strategies.

  • Periodic Reports
  • The Periodic Reports module provides weekly, monthly and annual metrics and analytics about utilized bandwidth. The information presented also provides comparative analysis snapshots that helps customers determine the effectiveness of their offerings and understand consumer insights.

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