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About Us

Founded in 2010, Speedc is uniquely positioned to establish itself as a leading player of CDN services in the fast growing Indian market of broadband and 3G mobile services. Our mission is to sustain growth and profits by delivering the best end user experience in internet browsing at the most optimum cost for our customers.

Our Team:

Devashish Ghosh

Devashish Ghosh: Devashish has over 28 years experience, majority as a key contributor in the development and growth of Wipro Technologies. He has assumed several strategic roles in driving P&L for businesses with revenues of more than $150 M and has led them at a global level both in the IT and BPO industries across US, Europe and Japanese environments. He has significant expertise in the BPO space and was the Chief Operating Officer of a 15,000 people entity. Before assuming his current role, Devashish was the Executive Vice President Global Operation of Aptara and Managing Director of Aptara India ltd.

Prashanth Angani

Prashanth Angani: Prashanth is a technology strategist and an MBA from University of Oxford. As the co-founder of Informatics Data Group, a London based financial data services company, he was involved in defining product and market strategy. Prashanth gained strategic consulting expertise at CISCO, UK, where he developed the Broadband Quality Score (BQS) benchmark. Prior to the MBA, Prashanth had 6 years of experience in leading software architecture and project management roles of large R&D projects ($40 M budget, 130 engineers) for firms such as Samsung, Ericsson and LG.

H B Nayak

H B Nayak: Nayak has 30 years of diversified experience in Human Resources, Corporate administration, Logistics, Facilities and Public relations. He was in Senior Management positions in Wipro Ltd, Wipro British Telecom and Wipro Technologies before moving on to senior management roles in diverse Media and other Industries. He is a Post Graduate M S W From Karnataka University Darwad, Karnataka.