World-class Content Delivery in India

Eliminate network bottlenecks

Pay only for utilized bandwidth

Instantly scale to supply for flash demand



Speedc is a content delivery network (CDN) company that helps businesses in India accelerate the performance of their web sites and web applications in a reliable and secure manner.

We ensure fast data download as well as smooth audio and video streaming experience for any Indian internet user through our network of servers strategically located across multiple locations in India.

Speedcís CDN solution - the Content Delivery and Management System (CDMS), is a one stop shop for all CDN services across India. The advantages of the solution are - Speed, Availability, Scalability, Security and Cost savings. More...

The CDMS solution identifies network proximity of each consumer and delivers content through the route that maximizes throughput. The solution comprises of Content Acceleration, Stream Acceleration, Smart DNS and Network Performance Analytics. More...